CMYE: Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout bar

16 Apr

The second CMYE (Community Manager Yelp Event) of the year was held at Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar located near downtown Orlando. Mosaic is located in a totally refurbished house from the 1920s. You feel right at home the minute you walk up.



During our event there was craft beer and wine, BBQ from Cecil’s, and cupcakes from Frosted. We were able to eat, drink, and have our hair done by one of their amazing stylists. They were offering blowouts, curls (which I had done), braids, quick up-dos, and even trims for the guys. They really went all out to make us all feel comfortable and welcome. I instantly fell in love with Amelia, the stylist that did my hair. I will definitely be back in the very near future for a cut and color.



I didn’t have the opportunity to try the BBQ, but I did have a cupcake (of course) and they were amazing. One of the neated things about Frosted is that it is run by a 15 year old girl. How cool is that?! We started talking about that and our CM said “I have no idea what I was doing at 15. I sure as heck wasn’t running a business!” That’s for sure. Her cupcakes were super tasty and pretty. The chocolate one I tried had a chocolate cream filling with chocolate chips. So yummy! Some friends had the vanilla cupcake and were equally impressed.



I really enjoyed this CMYE from start to finish. It was a very nice and relaxing end to a slightly crazy work day. The venue was awesome, the owners & staff obviously love what the day, and the food was amazing. I look forward to visiting Mosaic again and taking full advantage of their services.


Best Damn Race Cape Coral – Registration!

15 Apr

Registration for Best Damn Race in Cape Coral starts today at 12 pm!

BDR Cape Coral, FL will feature a marathon, half marathon, & 5K on Sunday, December 14, 2014.

BDR Cape Coral 2014


Today at exactly 12 noon EST you will have your shot at a discounted registration and free race photos. ($59.99 value)

  • Thirty of you will get in for $1!
  • Thirty more at $5!
  • Thirty more at $10!
  • Thirty more at $15!
  • and many more discounted spots!
Even the highest registration levels are cheaper than most races!
Free race photos are included for anyone who registers in the first week (4.15.14 through 4.21.14).
For your chance at a deeply discounted entry use this direct link to the registration page: CLICK HERE.


Vero Beach Mini-Vacation

3 Apr

This past weekend I went to visit a friend who just recently bought a house in Vero Beach. It was kind of like a mini-vacation for Pepper and I. We ate out, stayed up late, played, shopped, and just generally had fun. The best part of the weekend was spending Sunday on a boat on the Intercoastal. It reminded me just how much I love being out on the water! I told my friend that if he wasn’t careful I just might move into his spare bedroom. Being less the 4 miles from the ocean and the river was pretty awesome.

We headed south from Vero Beach with the goal of getting down to Port St Lucy. It was so pretty! I could spend every weekend out on a boat and never get tired of it. I love the fresh air and the sunshine. Plus we got to see a lot of pretty houses along the way as well.

After riding around for awhile we dropped anchor and did some fishing. I caught THREE fish! 1 catfish and 2 sheepshead. Have you ever seen a sheepshead? They have people teeth! They are super creepy. I will bait my own hook and all that, but I was NOT about to take the hook out of a fish with people teeth. No thank you!

On our way back in we saw a dolphin. Instead of running to get my camera I just decided to stay put and watch him/her swim. It was really cool! I’ve seen dolphins plenty of times, but it had been awhile since I’d seen one in the wild. Once we got back to the marina there were some manatees, but I couldn’t see them from where I was. Oh well, maybe next time.

I really enjoyed my mini-vacation to Vero Beach and I will definitely be back. It was less than a 2 hour drive and I really felt like I’d left the “real world” for awhile. Maybe next time I’ll catch a shark! lol.


Best Damn Race Announcement!

1 Apr

Best Damn Race is coming to Cape Coral, FL!

BDR Cape Coral 2014

A few fun facts about BDR in Cape Coral…

  • The races will be December 14, 2014
  • The races will start at the Cape Harbour Marina
  • There will be 5k, 1/2 marathon and MARATHON distances available!!
  • The same “pay scale” that was available for previous races will be used for Cape Coral as well – you could get into the Marathon for just $1!!
  • If you register before 4/21/14 you will get FREE race photos!
  • Participant Perks: Best Damn Tech T-Shirt, Best Damn Finisher Medal, Best Damn Goodie Bag, Free Beer, Food, & Massage at the Post Race Party!
  • Registration starts 4/15/14 at 12 pm!

So make sure to mark 4/15/14 on your calendar and join us at this exciting new race event in Cape Coral, FL!!

PS – This is NOT a joke! BDR really is coming to Cape Coral. I promise. 


My running shoes

31 Mar

I will be the first to admit that when I started running at the end of 2010 I just went to the store and bought a pair of running shoes that were comfy and not very expensive. I had liked Asics before and decided to start there. I found a pair that were comfy and they took me through a year and a half of running and 3 half marathons. I had some blisters here and there, but for the most part I loved them. I actually still have them because I refuse to throw them out even though I don’t wear them anymore.

My second pair of running shoes were also Asics. Around Christmas time in 2011 my mom told me about these “really cool” running shoes she saw in a magazine. She didn’t save the picture but was certain I would like them. She understood she couldn’t just buy them based on looks, so that was the end of that. Fast forward to February 2012 when we were at the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon expo. We were walking around looking at all the booths when all of the sudden my mom says “That’s them! Those are the shoes I was telling you about!” The shoes were really cool and I made a beeline for them. I found myself staring at the Asics Gel-noosa Tri 7 running shoes. These shoe were bright, they glowed in the dark, they were light as air, and they were COMFY. My mom ended up getting them for me as a birthday present. I love these shoes!

At the end of 2013 I realized that I really needed to add a new pair (or two) of running shoes to the mix. I’d had my eye on the Brooks PureFlow 2 ever since Brooks rolled through town and I got to take a pair for a spin. I’d never run in something so light before. Christmas rolled around and my mom kept asking what I wanted for Christmas. I told her running shoes and she told me to find what I wanted and we would go  get them. Luck would have it that Dick’s Sporting Goods had them on sale the day after Thanksgiving since the PureFlow 3 were coming out (or maybe they were out) AND we had a coupon. Hooray for good running shoes for cheap huh?

So far I love them. I’m having a few issues with blisters, but only sometimes. So i’m not sure if its the shoes, my socks, or just me breaking them in. I still go back and forth between these and my Asics depending on the length of my run. I really just can’t get over how light these shoes are. I wore them for a race this weekend and when I changed out of them into my Nike Comfort Flip Flops (I LOVE these things post race! Or anytime my feet need a little extra love) I really felt like my flip flops weighed more.

Should I go get fitted for running shoes at a running store? Probably. Do I love the shoes I have now? Totally. I’ll probably give in when I need new shoes again and let the professionals advise me on what shoes would be best for my feet. But right now what I have works for me and I’m gonna stick with them.


Yelp Elite: King’s Bowl Orlando

27 Mar

The first Orlando Yelp! Elite event was held at Kings Bowl on I-Drive last week. What is Kings Bowl you ask? Well its like a super fancy grown up bowling alley. They have 22 bowling lanes, pool tables, a full service restaurant, 2 bars, and private rooms. It is amazing!

Photo Mar 20, 21 26 52

For our Elite event they pulled out all the stops. They had samples of 5 of their most popular drinks, passed appetizers, and a few stations set up with other food to try. We also got 2 free drink tickets so that we could try any of the drinks on their menu. After a fun game of Elite Bingo we all headed to the back of our private room for some bowling, pool, and photo booth fun! But let me back up a little bit…

First off, the Gators were playing in NCCA Basketball Tournament at the same time as the event. Thankfully Kings Bowl has over 60 HD tvs so we were able to catch the second half of the game while playing bingo. A couple of my fellow Yelpers were also Gator Alumni, so we all had to wear our Gator gear to the event. Go Gators!


When we checked in we all got our name tags along with a Eilte Bingo sheet. Everyone that was Elite had a star on their name tag. The Elite Bingo sheet with full of facts from the Elite members’ Yelp profile. So the object of the game was to go around and find out what fact belonged to which Elite and have them sign your sheet. The first person to get Bingo won dinner for 2 with our new Community Manager Andi. I didn’t win, but it was fun getting to talk to some new people.




As I mentioned there were samples of 5 drinks around the bar area to try – The Dude, Sangria, Cherry Vanilla Coke, Raspberry Lime Ricky, & Strawberry Pop Rocktini. My favorite was the Cherry Vanilla Coke! I ended up ordering a full sized one later in the night. They even use the tiny glass bottles of coke for the drink, which added a little something extra I think. I have a thing for cute drinks.

Photo Mar 20, 18 15 55

There were a variety of things to eat (pizza, steak skewers, scallops) but my favorite had to be the Buffalo Chicken Wontons. I think I could have eaten an entire tray myself!


Once we finished up with Bingo and getting our fill of tasty eats, we went to the back of our private room where there were 6 bowling lanes and a couple of pool tables. I signed our group up for a lane as soon as we got there, so we were all set. Our bowling area was great! The music was killer and there were large screens at the end of the lanes playing the videos to go along with the music. Each lane had long benches (that were actually comfortable) to sit on with a table in between. There were also high top bar tables to the back of all the lanes. Time just flew by and next thing we knew it was almost time to leave!


I have to mention the wait staff & bartenders at this event. They were awesome! After we moved from the bar area to the bowling lanes the wait staff went with us, so we were dealing with the same folks. It was fun because they already knew how crazy we all were and it just made it more fun. I give a big gold star to all the staff for making the night that much better!



The hard calls

26 Mar

Sometimes when it comes to running and your health you have to make some tough calls. Yesterday, was one of those tough call days.

When I found out about my gluteus tendinitis mid-February the doctor said I needed to hold off on running until it felt better. I could run if I wanted, but it would take longer to heal. I listened to him and held of. On March 1st I did the 5k instead of the 1/2 marathon I was scheduled for and only ran about a mile of it. Then on March 16th I did a 1/2 marathon relay (around 6 miles). I felt okay after each, but definitely not great. Things were getting better… but definitely not at the speed I wanted.

The next big race I had on the schedule was the Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon in Raleigh, NC on April 13th. I picked this race for 2 reasons – it was an inaugural RnR race and one of my closest friends moved to Raleigh last year. I would be able to see her and run a race. Perfect! Well the more I thought about it over the last week the more I realized that I wasn’t sure that I would be up for 13 miles. And I definitely wasn’t sure I’d actually ENJOY the race. Add in 16 hours of driving and squish it all into 4 days and I was a bit worried.

So yesterday I made the call to cancel my trip to Raleigh. It was a hard one because I really miss my friend and I really wanted to do the race, but I think it is for the best. I don’t want to make things worse and end up hurting myself more in the long run. I have a 1/2 marathon scheduled for October and I’m just going to focus on that. I’ll just start small and work my way back up to the 1/2 marathon distance. I’ll have at least 4 between October and March, so I’ll definitely have my work cut out for me.


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